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Nightmares . . .

Woke up drenched in sweat and tangled in my sheets not five minutes ago. . .

Hopefully, if I write my dream down here, the pictures in my head will cease to be so bold in my mind. They're painful, violent, sickening . . . and provided solely by my imagination because I wasn't brave enough to watch the footage, not after what it did to mother.

I think, I might have screamed out in my sleep; I'm shaking all over. . .

I saw my father, he and the two others on his squad - his teammates and his closest frineds, Briar Cudgeon and Julius Root - landing in a thicket of tree next to a grazing field. They walked though the undergrowth with caution, following all procedure, scoping out the area for the Retrevial boys. Then suddenly, it was upon them - upon my father, spearing him with his tusks, ripping him limb from limb. Blood, pain, fear, screams, desperate calls for back-up. . .

The others fled blindly. . .which is all they could have done.

D'arvit! It's all they could have done! Being ambushed like that by a bull troll. . .

It's all they could have done. . .

Should I really consider the LEP?

I need to get some sleep . . . commitment ceremony in the morning.
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