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Cause of Death:

Today, Skye Lark Short gave the Council a peice of her mind. She stormed into the midst of them, eye blazing, temper flaring, and demanded to know just what had happened to her husband. . .

Up until that point, they had refused to tell us what had actually happened to my father to cause his death. Most of us spectculated some freak core-diving accident, but that was not the case. . .

The Council, at my mother's request demand, let her veiw the footage of Robin Short's last moments, as seen from his perspective and the views of his comrades - Capts Briar Cudgeon and Julius Root.

She was hysterical for hours. . .

Finally, having composed herself, mother, her being shaking so violently that Sage had to brace her, told us exactly what had happened. She told us about the rouge troll that had attacked my father and his squad of Recon officers. She told us that there was no body left. . .

They said that there was confusion, a mix up. While tracking the troll, somehow, the squad had misinterpreted a reading on their locators and started to follow a rather large bull. By the time they had realized their mistake, the troll had taken advantage of their lack of guard, ambushing them - rushing right into my father. It tore him to shreads before any of them knew what was happening, making a meal of his flesh . . .
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