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Sulking -

So, I've missed two weeks of classes. Can you say, I 'm a little behind? Uh, it's frustrating. I have no motivation to complete my degree, but to please Skye, I'm going to have to push through this. Humph, I don't quite know how that's going to work out.

Anyway, we're still all sulking around the house, what do you expect? But today, Sage had to leave. He and Rose left early this morning, and the place has been relatively quite since then. I think, Skye has locked herself in her room. . .

Fern's gone out to pick up a few things for supper, and I'm not quite sure where Willow is, though she leaves tomorrow. I can tell that she's missing Vince and their two children. . .

I wonder if I'll ever settle down like that. . . Somehow, I doubt it. . .

I may not be writing for a while. I mean, I have so many things to do for classes and such. I've gotta try to squeeze them all in. I don't need another semester slowing me down.

Father, I miss you. . .
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