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What Happened When I Got There -

So, I walked to Police Plaza. We don’t live that far from it because Robin liked to be able to get to the office even if the thoroughfare was congested. The last time I’ve actually been to Police Plaza, I might have been 22, and I don’t remember a thing about it. Well, I think I could have located my father cubical, but that’s about it.

Anyway, I walked up to that building and realized for the first time exactly how huge it is. At three stories, it’s easily the biggest building on the block – in fact, it’s the only building on the block when you consider the Vehicular Department in the back. And that’s only the part of the building that you can see. I know for a fact that Police Plaza has basement levels that lead to the flare tunnels; how else would they get about?

Climbing the steps to the main entrance, I felt those same butterflies again. I remember thinking, Oh, gods, what am I doing? , as I walked up to the front desk. They didn’t go away until I was seated in the office of the employment manager, and that’s only because I forgot I was nervous. Things got a little rough.

Well, I was seated there, staring around at the certificates on the walls and things, when in walked a gruff-looking gnome. There was an awkward greeting, a little explaining, and some paperwork filling out. I thought things were going very smoothly, as I handed him my completed forms.

The gnome looked at them for a moment, then looked back up at me.

“You wouldn't happen to be related to Robin Short would you?” he asked.

“I’m his daughter.” I responded.

And then he said, “Young lady, are you kidding?”

Let me tell you how tired I am of hearing that phrase. I am so tired of hearing that phrase! I looked that gnome straight in the eyes and said with deadly seriousness - “Do I look like I’m kidding?”

“I wouldn’t be here if I was kidding because I wouldn’t be kidding! Do you seriously think I would joke about something like this? Do you think I would take the time to fill out all of that paper work? I pointed to the stack in his hands. “I wish that for once, the world would take me seriously!”

After my small outburst, things went better. The employment gnome seemed to see things my way, and he gave me a schedule of the Summer Training:

I pick up my uniform on June 3rd and training starts the 4th. We get weekends off – joy.

He also told me that I only need a year of training to graduate and become the lowest rank of officer. That beats four years of college for a degree I’m not using.

So, things seem pretty peachy.

June 4th . . . I can’t wait.
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