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Second Week in Hell -

Two weeks down:

Day One –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, hair pulling, Laws of Haven City.

Day Two –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, Self Defense 1.

Day Three –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, Weaponry 101.

Day Four –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, Haven City Traffic Rules.

Day Five –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, Human Contraband Prevention.

So, it’s been two weeks, and the commander has still yet to stop pinning each of us to the wall. You know, I will never in my life run into an unsecured building during a firefight just to please that gnome. He’s so insistent; it’s really the least I can do.


You know, the strenuous exercise is really getting a little easier. This week, we started lessons, so we’re only doing exercise during the mornings. We go from 7 to 9 – that’s three hours of physical conditioning and ten hours of class, with one hour for lunch. Well, lunch and a shower, if I’m lucky.

No, Skye is still not talking to me.

Anyway, we take the same set of classes all summer. We pass these, and we become Privates. After another set of classes and a little work, one can get promoted to Corporal. Once you make Corporal, you can apply to join one of the specific branches of the LEP while working your way up to Lieutenant. However, it is possible to bypass this rank completely by passing the branch exam but not likely. Most of the time, they won’t even consider you for the exam unless you are a Lieutenant. Once you’re accepted into a branch, you become a Captain, which is where you want to be. They see the most exciting action. After that are the Majors – a lot of decisions and deskwork. Then come the Commanders. I’ll never make it there, but I guess it’s something to shoot for.


And that’s how that goes.

Well, I’m gonna go and get some sleep now. It’s getting late. . .
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