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We'll How About That?

Third Week -

Day One –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, Laws of Haven City.

Day Two –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, Self Defense 1.

Day Three –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, Weaponry 101.

Day Four –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, Haven City Traffic Rules.

Day Five –

Pinned to the wall, physically strenuous exercise, Human Contraband Prevention.

I must repeat – I will NEVER run into an unsecured building during a firefight! Never, ever, ever! Good gods!

Anyway, it’s been the same old, same old this week. You know, I’m starting to see the outline of my abs. It’s not bad. Heh. By the time the summer ends, I bet I’ll end up nicely toned.

So, classes are going all right. And I’m finally getting to know some of the fairies who are cadets with me. We make eight altogether:

Aster Ryley - Elf, 94.
Varton Bancroft - Elf, 120.
Chix Verbil - Sprite, 73.
Lunt Oliver - Elf, 69.
Jasper Kito - Pixie, 84.
Rory Aden - Sprite, 76.
Dov Brennus - Gnome, 98.

My squad consists of Chix, Jasper, Lunt, and myself. But during classes we’re all together. Let’s see –

Chix is simply annoying. I believe he’s more into impressing me than actually taking this training seriously. He says he’s in this for the glory and the girls. Ha. He’s got this idea in his head that he’ll make Retrieval. Good luck, Chix.

Jasper is smart. I mean, really smart, but he’s a little weak in the physical department. I think he’ll make it, but he’ll have to put forth a little more effort to catch up to the rest of us in conditioning. He says, he’d like to apply for a techie position, working at simply a desk job. However, his want to see the surface is a little too strong to just go up there on hols every once in a blue moon.

Lunt’s the second to youngest. I believe he’s got a chance because he’s pretty well balanced. He’s good at self-defense already, so he kind of had one up on a few of us. However, I’m not sure he knows exactly what he’s going to do with his career. So far, he’s worked in shipping and packaging, been a tutor for juvenile delinquents, worked in a morgue tagging bodies, co-owned a landscaping business with his brother-in-law, and cut hair at an old-fashion, dwarven barber shop. Who knows if he’ll stay with the LEP, but he’s an elf with many talents to be sure.

Aster is a riot! He’s also a lazy bum - but a riot nonetheless. He’s always goofing off, and why his squad leader continues to put up with him, I don’t know. I would have turned him away by now, but maybe he sees something in Aster that we don’t. We’ve affectionately nicknamed him Aster the Ass, but I don’t think he minds. It’s clear that he likes the attention, really. It’s hard to say if he’ll make it or not. Well, I’ll wish him luck anyway, the big goof.

Varton Bancroft – most people just call him Van. You know how in a group there’s always that quiet one? The one you really don’t know what to expect from? Well, that’s Van. He doesn’t speak - unless spoken to. He won’t meet your eye, and he refuses to eat with us when we all go out for lunch. He’s not a bad looking guy, and though he’s the oldest, I don’t think it would be enough of an age difference to bar him from us. I guess it’s just his nature . . .

Rory Aden. You know, if I become half the shooter that he is, I’ll be satisfied. He’s amazing! Really brilliant with a blaster! Oh, he gets Chix steamed up. I think it’s gotta be something like a species rivalry between the two. Well, if that’s it – Rory is winning. He’s an ace at flying, too. The sprites do a few laps in the air every morning; Rory tops Chix hands down every time. However, Rory has a mouth on him. He mutters and mumbles under his breath, and I think it’s even come to the commander’s attention. Rory says that he’s on his way to the top of Recon. Well, we’ll see at the end of the summer . . .

The last of us is Dov, the gnome. Dov has been trying to get into the LEP for three years now. He’s got the athletic quality, but Dov is a dumb as a brick. And if you knew him, you'd know that I was just telling the truth and not trying to be cruel. I swear sometimes that the fairy has a little goblin in him. During class, he’s always asking questions. This would all be fine if the question just hadn’t been asked two seconds ago. Poor guy has the attention span of a stink worm and the memory of a goldfish. However, I must say, he is a really nice guy. Bought us all lunch one time . . .

Chix, Aster, Rory, Lunt, Jasper and I are all going out tomorrow night. It should be fun, but we’re not going to get too carried away. We all agreed that if we ended up arrested for public indecency or something that it would surely hinder our chance at being accepted into the force.

You know, things are getting better . . .
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