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Memoirs of Holly Short

Holly Short
16 January
Haven City
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Welcome to Awaken: Memoirs of Holly Short. I'm rather quite surprised that you found your way here, but I guess, that the internet really isn't that big of a place after all. You have stumbled upon a my journal, and you're more than welcome to stay awhile.

This is simply a place for me to organize my thoughts and keep in touch with what I've gone through during the many years of my life. You can expect to see interesting days posted and always my opinions on things, including but not limited to rants, raves, gripes, and complaints.

Awaken will be updated as often as possible, but I can't guaranty anything. I do have a life and a very demanding job. You're welcome to friend this journal and watch the events that play out in it. A friendly 'hello' is appreciated.

The best piece of advice I can give you when reading this journal is to start from the first posted entry. If you don't, you'll just find yourself extremely confused.

Thanks for taking interest.

Physical Information -

Height: 1 Meter

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Auburn

Hearing: Perfect, but slightly muffled when I want it to be.

Left/Right/Ambidextrous: Right, though slightly ambidextrous. . .

Disabilities/Handicaps: Insubordination and a stubborn demeanor . . .

Health: Perfectly fine

Behavior -

Dress Style: When not in uniform, I like to dress comfortably. Jeans have become pretty popular underground since they debuted topside. I like earth tones, and the occasional green and blue. You won't catch me in something pink or purple - it clashes with my complexion, not to mention my hair.

Manner of Speech: My words may seem harsh and my tongue sharp, and that's because they usually are. Now, that's when I'm in the office or out in the field. I'm a little milder at home and amongst friends.

Extrovert/Introvert: Extrovert, definitely.

Mental Health: Stable, I think . . . but don't we all?

Quirks/Habits: I, err. . . tend to run my index finger in a spiral pattern on whatever is in front of me when I'm nervous. It's as if I'm trying to burrow a hole for me to climb into. However, very few people have actually seen me nervous. . .

First Impression: I come off as strong willed, defiant, and confident, but this wasn't always the case. . .

Education: Graduated from HU (Haven University) with a bachelors degree in Preforming Arts(Dance), later graduating from the LEP Law Enforcement Academy.

Likes: Surface strawberries and cream. Hot bathes. The latest model of wings. Listening to Foaly's bogus conspiracy theories. Laughing. Alcohol a little too much. Gold, but what fairy doesn't? The occasional flirt in the office. Star Wars (or rather, is forced to like it.) Surface air. Running hot. Rubies.

Dislikes: Cats. Hard decisions. Trolls. Meat. Her sister Fern. FPH. Living at home. Skye trying to push the perfect man (Trouble Kelp) on her. The English Language. Opal Koboi. Most goblins. A few fools on the Council.

Can: Pilot a shuttle through the gap in your teeth. Fly with skill and easy. Lend a sympathetic ear. Cry when she needs to. Be dangerously pretty. Lie. Keep a secret. Persevere in the face of adversity. Remain calm in a crisis. Improvise in the field. Choose lives over orders. Control her temper when she wants to. Throw a mean punch. Handle a firearm deftly. Swim. Hold her breath. Dance. Come across as rude, brazen, overly confident, foolhardy, rough, tomboyish, and crude. Make a friend out of an enemy.

Can't: Let the past go. Help but wonder if she made the right decision. Second guess herself on the field. Show her true self to most people. Help feeling sorry for her sister Fern. Regard the rules all of the time. Throw away a life. Stand to see herself fail.

Fears: Cats. Disappointing her father and not meeting his expectations. Really messing-up beyond repair in her career.

Background Information -

Father: Robin Otto Short (Deceased.)

Mother: Skye Lark Short

Siblings: Sage Short (153, Married), Willow Moss (131, Married), Fern Short (106, Single), Ash Short (25, Annoying . . .)