Holly Short (capthollyshort) wrote,
Holly Short

Got a Degree

Graduation Day!

I finally made it through. After busting my arse, it's all over - really over! Thank the gods!

So, I've gained a little peice of paper that's going to do absolutely nothing for me. Terrific! You know, I bet if I showed my degree to the registrator when I go to sign up for the academy, he'd laugh at me. He'd laugh in my face and probably spit while he was at it.

Anyway, I go to sign up four days from now, so uh, life is good, I guess. Skye has been giving me the evil eye every time I bring it up, but she has to accept the facts. If she can't do that, she'll never come to terms with this. Oh, well. I am going through with it. In four days. . .

I'm excited!

And on a side note:
Jasmine took my ending our relationship really hard. Heh. She's not going to miss me in the slightest - just the money she could be making with me as her client. However, I feel no remorse. There are enough crazy people in Haven City to fill her bank account.
Tags: young holly
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