Holly Short (capthollyshort) wrote,
Holly Short

Normal Day of Taking Care of Business

So, Fern woke me up this morning, and I made coffee for her, Sage, Rose, Willow, Vince, and myself. Needless to say, we are now out of coffee. I'll have to run to the store later, not only for that, but for lunch and supper too. Gods, my family is a small army!

We all walked down to the hospital and brought Skye a bagle for breakfast: the kind with the little kiwi bits that she likes. She and the baby are doing fine, but I must say - that little thing is ugly!

Yes, my new brother is ugly. I believe that he's inherited our great-grandmother's green sheen because I caught his hair changing colour in the light, just like Fern's does. Disgusting. Plus, he's got Robin's nose. Poor thing. . . It's all hooked. Wait, I have Robin's nose! What am I saying?

Anyway, the doctor said that Ash and Skye should be able to return home in a day or two. Perhaps, this'll take her mind off of me enrolling. We'll, I'm off to make lunch.
Tags: young holly
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