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Rough Night. Gods, help me!

Skye and the baby are home. . . .

I thought that having a baby around the house might be . . . fun. However, I realize now that I had grossly overlooked a few details – babies cry and crap. Fern, looking rather chipper this morning, informed me that she was use to this – the crying, I mean.

Besides, she said. It’s only been about 60 years since you were doing the same thing.

That said, I shot her a nasty glare. The effort I put behind that glare wasn’t really necessary as I looked enough like shit from the hours of sleep I missed, listening to that little demon wail.

Besides that, having that new little life around the house is alright. I mean, it takes all of our minds off of things. Ash gives us new hope. Ugly hope, but hope nonetheless.

But, you know, I can’t help thinking that if my father could have just lived a little longer. Just a little longer . . .

Two more days.
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