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My Father's Will

I will always remember one thing about my father - what he wanted of us. As long as I can recall, he spoke fervently of one of us following in his footsteps. . .

Well, not one of us - the LEPrecon is an all male branch of the LEP - but one of his sons. Sage had 'let him down', becoming a Biochemical Engineer, but Robin had come into a renewed hope with the baby on the way - a baby boy. I sometimes wonder if we, his three daughters, had disappointed him simply because we didn't possess the ability to follow him into the Law Enforcement field, which he so dearly loved in life and which unfortunatly took him from us.

Late last night, this got me thinking. What if Ash - Ash being what mother has decided to name our new brother - what if Ash decides that he's not cut out to join the LEP? What if he detests Law Enforcement all together? Father's will may never be fufilled.

It's a very unsettling thought, one that hasn't occured to my other siblings. But could I really ask them to take on this burden? They each have their own careers: Sage - Biochemical Engineer, Willow - Mass Communications and Marketing, and Fern begins work at Koboi Labortories this week. It's going to be lonely in the house with just me and Skye, but that's not the point. The point is that they've all started their lives, and what am I doing with mine? Sure, in a few months, I'll have my Fine Arts degree, but where is that going to get me? What am I going to do? Open up a dance studio? Unlikely. . .

I believe, I've made up my mind. Since, I'm the only one willing to do it, I'm going to. This summer, I'm going to enroll in the LEP Law Enforcement Academy. I'm going to trade my leotards for a stifling uniform. I'm going to trade my soft hands for callouses. I'm going to follow in my fathers footsteps because he so earnestly yearned for it. It's the least that I can do for him. . .

I'm going to become an LEP officer.

I'm going to be the first female in the LEPrecon.

I'm going to do it for my father, but what will Skye think?
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